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Out-of-hand sales

Auction-All has been in the real estate market for more than thirty years We have experience in selling residential, commercial, governmental, and industrial properties for large financial institutions, government organizations, and most importantly private citizens. Our team consisting of estate agents, auctioneers, valuators, and marketing experts has an in-depth knowledge of the South African real estate market. It is very important to us that our clients get treated with the respect they deserve, after all selling your property is a massive decision that can affect you and your family’s lives in a big way. Because we are used to working with large financial and government institutions our contracts are designed to always protect the seller’s needs. 

Online and Onsite Auctions

Auctioneers are masters at balancing the market. We can advertise a property for a lower starting price thus generating massive interest in a short time. On the day of the auction, we keep taking bids until we get the best possible offer for you. All offers are subject to confirmation from the owner thus you get to set the exact price you want. As auctioneers we do not simply stop after getting the asking price, we will keep taking bids each one higher than the previous until the market runs dry. We specialize in physical onsite auctions as well as nationwide online auctions. Our online auction platform has an excellent track record sometimes getting hundreds of bids on a single property. Depending on your situation we can sit down and decide which sales method works best for you. 

Let’s talk about your property.

Kindly send us an email and we can discuss your property and strategize how to move forward in the best way. 


Our Marketing Strategy 

We employ digital marketing experts, website designers, social media managers as well as agents with years of experience in traditional marketing techniques. Depending on your area, rules and regulations, target audience, price range, budget, time frame, and other variables. Our strategies are custom-tailored for your property. 

Marketing Techniques

  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Google PPC ads
  • Video editing along with YouTube ads
  • Email Campaigns
  • Lead generation forms
  • Cortex boards
  • Large banners
  • TV and Radio
  • Newspapers 


Our Specialties 

  • Out of Hand sales
  • Onsite Auctions
  • Online Auctions
  • Boardroom Auctions
  • Vehicle and Asset Auctions
  • Valuations 
  • Bank Repossessions
  • Government Auctions
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties

Nation Wide Online and Onsite. 

Auction-All operates in all nine provinces. You will always have access to a senior member of our team including our Principal, Valuator, Head Auctioneer, Marketing Specialist as well as Tech Support. Our state-of-the-art Online bidding platform makes it possible to get bids from all around the country. Using the power of Digital Marketing we can show your property to buyers anywhere in the country. This has allowed us to build up a massive database of potential buyers for your property. 


The Auction-All Investor Database

Over the past 20 years, we have been building relationships with investors and developers throughout South Africa. We have thousands of potential buyers organized according to their interests and locations making it easy to find potential buyers in your area. Whether you have a farm in the Free State, Mansion in Johannesburg, or Commercial property in Cape Town, we most likely have a list of buyers matching your exact category.  


The Auction-All Western Cape

Due to high demand from our investor database Auction-All has opened a new head office in Somerset West. 


A Bel-Air abode that was once America’s most expensive home sold at auction for a whopping $126 million. Known as The One, the 105,000-square-foot dwelling is *the* largest single-family residence and one of the priciest private residences in the world.


At an auction held at Christie’s New York in 2016 during a contemporary art event, Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci turned into the most expensive painting ever sold, selling for $450 million at the end of a nineteen-minute bidding war.


The 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé has been auctioned for a record price of $142 million to a private collector. When converted to a South African price tag, it equates to more than R2.2 billion. It’s one of only two prototype models ever built at the time, and that alone makes it quite unique.


 A thoroughbred named Fusaichi Pegasus was sold for $70 million in an auction, making him the most expensive horse ever to be sold